How To Clean Headphone Pads | The Definitive Guide

how to clean headphone pads

Do you want to know How To Clean Headphone Pads in right way ? well before we start you have to read this boring intro that is actually really useful.

Since the starting of this era headphones have become an integral part of our lives. As we see the increase in demands of the expensive headphones among many of us. The lifestyle has changed a lot that depicts phenomenal craze within the audiophiles.

We mostly aware of the type of headphones and most driven by the sound quality these produce to name a few Bose, Audio Technica, Sennheiser and more. It becomes quite enjoyable to buy and enjoy music over these headphones. But the audio seems to drop near a year or two’s span. The audio does not remain as crisp as before and the quality feels degraded especially at a time when it can’t produce much loudness at all. The end results are pretty frustrating to an end-user where you purchase an expensive headphone and proceed to buy a new pair after some months.

But what actually causes the headphone sound so dreadful?

The simple answer to this question is that most times the headphones get dirty.

So, here this article will save your $$$ by giving you a comprehensive guide on How To Clean Headphone Pads in right way.

How To Clean Headphone Pads?

cleaning headphone pads

Let’s elaborate this, say you have a pair of headphones after a careful check near the pads or the wire mesh of the earpads. You would certainly see clogged earwax, grease which gets trapped inside the headphones or earbuds after a few month usages.

They may accumulate dust and lint after you have taken them in the shower, gym sessions and have always tossed them anywhere you have paid a visit.

And, that’s where these headphones painstakingly develop specks of dirt, lint or both on a long way. just like shit you can see below.

dirty headphone pad

However, you can take a little time to care and maintain these headphones to make it sound like a new one. Perhaps, you never need to buy a new one.

So, what’s the proper method of cleaning headphone pads?

Before, we begin let’s see what thing do we need to manage headphone delicate parts.

  1. A piece microfiber cloth (Check price in amazon).
  2. Rubbing alcohol or Audio wipes with no alcohol.
  3. Cotton buds
  4. Soap
  5. Water
  6. Blu-tack

Headphones are generally categorized in two ways: Earphones (in-ear), Headphones (over-ear). cleaning headphone pads and maintaining them well may seem not worthy for some. But you will be surprised to know to have them cleaned you can literally, save a lot of money. Moreover, they feel more comfortable than a new fresh pair of headphones also routine washes avoids smells, or getting dirty and perhaps feels more hygienic.

You can find a list of items of use to clean your headset pads. A few are mentioned below.

1. Immediate Wipe Downs

Take them off for a while and wipe down with a clean cloth. Better to use a microfiber to wipe out the dust and sweat that build up near the cushions.

Cleaning Ear Pads

2. Weekly Cleanings

You may not need cleaning of your headphones pads every week if you use your headphone occasionally. Instead, you clean once in 3 weeks using a soft cloth and few drops of water to wipe in the interior where mostly dust accumulates.

Weekly Cleanings headphones

3. Replace Headphone Pads Regularly

If you already see breakage or wear & tear signs of the cushions on the headphone pads. Then, probably you now need a pair of fresh headphone pads. Get an affordable headphone pad that will make you feel brand new and offer good comfort. Remember cleaning headphone pads are initially done to avoid wear & tear which will offer durability but in case, you already had a torn piece, it can’t be reverted to new so replacing the pads are the last option left.

Replace Headphone Pads

Still don’t happy ? Don’t worry we have video guide for you to do the same.

Video Guide For Cleaning Headphone Pads

How To Clean Leather Headphones?

It’s worthy to take better care of leather headphones than others. Not just because they are costly. But on the contrary, cleaning them occasionally helps them to last long as – leather finish is usually less porous and has foam within that adds a layer of protection from dust and dirt.

1. Condition Occasionally

If your headphone pads are made of protein leather coating then, you are advised to get a special leather conditioner and can be applied once or twice a year. To cleanse the leather headphone pads take a piece of clean cloth and use the conditioner a bit and apply directly over the headphone pads. This will avoid the headphone pads to soak moisture and the cushions to become moldy.

2. Store In Cold And Non-Humid Place

leather cushions on headphones are prone to elements such as hot and humid climate. Signs of crack may appear after they have been exposed directly to sunlight. So, it is better to keep them off using some special case available either of them may end their life soon. The leather headphones cushions require proper care and handling to be at safe side use them only when needed.

Video Guide on Clean Leather Headphones

How To Wash Headphone Pads?

how to wash headphone pads

Have you ever encountered some headphone smell bad after a prolonged usage? But why?

The headphone when not in use gathers moisture and dirt which usually happen if you live in a hot and humid area. Particularly the headphone pads start accumulating moisture and awful smell due to the growth of bacteria.

Washing the headphone pads is a pretty generic method but before you hop on removing the pads from the headphone. There are few methods on how to wash headphone pads to get rid of the headphone smell bad.

1. Use of Silica Gel Packets

They are good for keeping the moisture out from your electronic devices. They come in small sachets and easily available in electronic stores. They are quite good at absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. It will certainly reduce the stinky problem and help you get rid of the headphone smell bad.

2. Clean Your Ear Regularly

Besides cleaning your headphone pads make sure to clean your ears before you put on headphones. The common issues regarding headphone loudness are due to the ear wax which gets stuck inside the earbuds while listening to music. The safest way to use good ear wax remover that promises to deliberately clean the ear wax with microfoam action and help you enjoy listening to music over the headphones effortlessly and also your headphones/earbuds will be able to breathe in comfortably.

How To Clean Headphone Pads Conclusion

We’ve explained everything on how to clean headphone pads, how to wash headphone pads and even talked about cleaning leather headphones. This helps you and others to take care of their headphones through which they are able to churn out the quality sound without any compromise.

Also, we’ve cleaning headphones occasionally would help you enjoy listening to music in a complete dirt-free environment. And to peach everyone about the how-to wash headphone pad, why headphones smell bad and how to find a replacement of the headphone ear pads.

Using these methods you now be able to clean the headphone pads easily that will drive great listening experience comfortably without spending too much on the headphone pads.

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