iPod troubleshooting: Corrupt or not found firmware files

Uninstalling the antivirus software on your computer or iPhone can resolve this issue because such security software sometimes blocks installation of firmware. The problem “The iPhone could not be updated/restored because the firmware file was corrupt or is not compatible” mostly goes away after you uninstall antivirus software. If firmware corrupt or compatibility error is still testing your patience and not going away, try reinstalling the iTunes/Finder. Sometimes iTunes/Finder configuration doesn’t match firmware files and iTunes/Finder upgradation can not solve the solution. After reinstalling the the latest iTunes/Finder, try to update or restore your iPhone again.

  • When you see “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”, click OK and then choose Restore iPhone.
  • When you encounter the firmware file corrupt iPhone/iPad error, the device cannot be restored normally because the firmware file is not compatible.
  • To backup “Activity”, “Health”, “Keychain” and other data, you can encrypt the process.
  • You can find your deleted iOS files back within few seconds.
  • Click here to see the latest Decipher Backup Repair release notes.

With this tool, you can quickly recover files without affecting the original data after iPhone is stuck on stock Android firmware the Apple logo. Even if you need to jailbreak it, please back up all desired data in advance. Here is a video tutorial about how to recover lost data with this software. Should you have any questions, please leave a message in the following comment zone. Update your iOS devices to the latest iOS version to prevent the iPhone White Screen of Death.

firmware file corrupt iphone

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  • If restoring doesn’t work right away, try leaving the Apple Watch on a charger longer to increase the battery level before you try again.
  • However, for an Intel Mac or any other Mac device, you need to reset SMC using the suitable methods.
  • And when that happens, your PC would show the iPhone firmware file corrupt error.
  • And then, uninstall the faulty app to see if the issue is repaired.
  • However, if you didn’t find the solution in the previous methods, feel free to try them as well.

Or, when not close to the product, open the Demo library, and select the product. The Product info page will show the latest available version that is shipped with VictronConnect. Free install AnyTrans and take a try to back up & restore iPhone without iTunes. Choose the firmware you need to update, and click Download.

IPad white screen is a particularly serious issue since the fixes are rather either/ or in nature. Either the issue gets resolved with restarts or system repair or you are looking at costly hardware service. If the iPad is still stuck on white screen, then, unfortunately, this might be a hardware issue that the professionals at Apple Store will be able to help you with. Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery is a professional repair tool for iOS system. It supports not only a number of different iPads, but also has compatibility with a seriels of iOS/tvOS devices, including iPhone /iPod touch/Apple TV.

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