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How To Make Headphone Louder

Do you want to know How To Make Headphone Louder On iPhone | PC | Earbuds ? Well, We humans by nature love music which makes us live in more fun and offer an immersive experience to us. Likewise, the discovery of headphones has become popular. Although you might have some best high-quality headphones after some interval of time, they may not sound good?

Now, How To Make Your Headphone Louder? The volume of the headphone can be made louder in various ways. Nevertheless of what devices you are playing through, take an example of a classic iPhone headphone where you mostly enjoy music using your headphones. But Alas! They may not sound loud as it used to be previously. 

You may have tried tweaking the audio settings or change in volume adjusting equalizer stuff. But what is abstaining to produce clear and stiff sound? 

If you’re playing games over your headphones or enjoying multimedia content such as listing to music or even watching music. It’s ridiculous to for you listening to the unpleasant sounds.

Now, there are simple ways through which you can make your headphone sound louder. 

  • Take time to clean your headphones
  • Use setting to go beyond the volume limit on your phone
  • Make use of apps to boost the volume
  • Using a dedicated amplifier
  • Get a new high quality louder headphone

How To Make Headphones Louder On iPhone?

There are a few circumstances in which it is acceptable to blast music out of your phone. Volume controls are pretty straight forward in iOS devices as when there’s no music or video playing. You are ought to change the volume from within the setting options available on a phone.

However, in mere circumstances here are few ways to fix volume issues on iPhone.

 1. Use A Volume Increasing App

If you fail to achieve success in the first place. Try this method to make your headphones sound louder. first thing to check here is your volume limitation on your iPhone. All devices these days come preset with volume output limitations to prevent accidental ear damage.

  • Go to the settings > music

iPhone setting - how to make headphones louder on pc

  • To find the option “volume limit” under the playback header. 

iPhone setting 1

  • If you see “Max Volume Slider” use the slider to go all the way up to make your headphone loud. 

iPhone setting 2

Still not Happy ? This is where 3rd party apps come in. There are a few on the market that will boost the overall playback volume of your iPhone.

  1. Volume Boost +
  2. Equalizer+
  3. SonicMax Pro

2. Make Your Headphone Louder Using Late Night EQ Setting

It’s necessary to understand the importance of EQ setting on an iPhone or iPod. Moreover, the EQ setting can do a lot more than you think. It has the option to make the sound loud and tweak other audio settings by using a dedicated mixture for enjoying high-quality music during night time to do that follow our step by step guide.

  • Go to the settings > music

iPhone setting

  • Now go to the “EQ” settings in Music section

iPhone setting 1

  • Choose the “Late Night” EQ setting (Optionally, test the “Loudness” setting as well, then use which sounds better to your ear)

how to make headphones louder on iphone

3. Song volume on Individual songs

iPhone users have a dedicated playback volume option in iTunes that depicts that a user can customize the playback such as too loud or too quiet through the option in your song library. You can control the headphone loudness using the slider while playing music on iTunes. Since the loudness control is situated right under the album art. You can slide up to increase the volume to make your headphone sound louder. 

Video Guide To Make iPhone Headphones Louder

How To Make Headphones Louder On PC?

how to make headphones louder on pc

If you are looking for “how to make headphones louder on pc” then we would be glad to let you know there is a solution to turn up the volume using a few steps. 

1. let’s say you are wearing your headphone after you have plugged into your PC. If you have a switch or dedicated button to raise the volume adjust it to get the preference choice. 

2. Use the Windows default sound control to do this click the start button and visit the control panel. Click on windows sound and audio devices. 

How To Make Headphones Louder On PC

3. Use the mouse to choose the appropriate volume levels by sliding up to increase the sound. Ensure the Mute option is disable. You also need to visit the advance button to see the play control dialog box. Use the control slider to raise the volume. 

How To Make Headphones Louder On windows

4. After you have completed the above steps correctly select the Audio tab and pick the audio device (headphones) for sound output. For USB powered headphone raise the volume using the volume dialog box appearing first. Make sure the Mute option is disabled. 

5. Now select the voice tab and do the same for the voice playback

6. After you have made all the customization save the changes. 

7. Take time to test the changes you have just made. Play some sound using the media player and see if the required sound changes match with your preference. 

Still not Happy ? This is where 3rd party softwares come in. There are a few on the market that will boost the overall playback volume of your PC.

Video Guide To Make Headphones Louder On PC

How To Make Your Earbuds Louder?

Make Your Earbuds Louder

You’ll be astonished to hear that a huge number of people don’t know how to make headphones louder without an amplifier. It just simple and easy as it seems. You can make your earbuds sound louder using the phone audio setting to control and boost the audio. 

There are quite a handful of ways through which you can make the earbuds sound louder. However, make sure the device accessory (earbuds) is free of dirt. If not, then use a soft cloth to wipe up the dirt accumulated in the earbud jack and similarly the mic that covers on the handset. 

The most common issue users face with low sound in earbuds are. 

  • Incompatible earbuds
  • External sounds interfering with the earbuds
  • Design flaw

Let’s understand with a step-by-step process on how to make earbuds louder.

1. Use the volume tab to increase the loudness of your device. 

2. First ensure that the Mute option is disabled 

3. You can also use some customization to ensure the sound setting is properly configured. Such as vocal, instrumental, concert. 

Method 2

If you have a rooted device you can easily install a few apps to customize the preferable audio effects. A few apps such as the ultimate volume booster will allow you to boost the sound extensively while using earbuds. Overall a such apps are highly preferred for enhancing the loudness through your earbuds.

 Such as  for iPhone

  1. Volume Boost +
  2. Equalizer+
  3. SonicMax Pro

For Android

  1. Boom
  2. Precise Volume
  3. Volume Booster GOODEV


Above said ideas on how to make headphone louder are the best ways to increase the loudness of the device you use. You might not need to purchase a premium or expensive headphone. Despite the quality over ordinary headphone you can particularly increase or decrease the loudness levels in iPhone, PC or earbuds.


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