What Is Impedance In Headphones ? Let’s Find Out !

What Is Impedance In Headphones ?

Just like me do you ever think What Is Impedance In Headphones? Well, Impedance in headphones is basically a measure of the efficiency counted in ohms. The bigger the impedance the more impedance you will have the more power you need to drive your audio gear. However, the more impedance you have generally the relationship is that you actually get more actual sound. You just need to put more work getting there. Basically, this is done through the help of an amplifier.

So, that’s mean if you have low impedance like a low audio output device such as smartphones, iPod, you will get better results using 32 ohms headphones.

Ok! let’s understand “Impedance” in deep.

What is Impedance?

Below you can see the chart that explains “Impedance” but don’t worry, I’ll explain you in an easy and simple way with a perfect example.

What is Impedance

Well, Impedance refers to the resistance and in order to understand the phenomenon you have to imagine an instance where you are pushed into a crowded local train (peak hours). Several peoples on the platform and hundreds are inside the train.

You must have experienced situations where you are pushed backward beside the train will also resist you to get into the already crowded compartment.

Yes, I’m talking about this!

crowded local train

Now, think of electrical signal (You) who have struggled to get into the train to reach your destination (music) and thus, the difficulty you face during the transit from one place to another is constructed as resistance.

When it comes to headphones. Have you ever wondered why impedance plays a crucial role in headphones?

The headphone is an audio listening device smaller though but have different impedance levels such as 8, 16 and 32 Ohms.

There are a few common questions asked by several peoples. Such as

  • How can I use high Impedance headphone with my smartphone?
  • Should I have an amp for my headphone?

The first answer to the question is that you always require the right amount of current to be delivered for your current headphone to the best possible. Unlike loudspeakers with large output and high impedance with 4, 6, or 8 ohms.

Now, let’s understand “What is impedance in Headphone?”

What Is Impedance In Headphone?

headphone impedance

Impedance in Headphone is electrical resistance. Inside a headphone, you get a “Voice Coil” i.e. a wound copper wire generally thinner the wire the higher the impedance. Consumer headphones have thicker wires but professional headphone have thinner wire this means the coils inside it can’t move so fast whereas professional ones are much more accurate. have a look on “Voice Coil”

Headphone Voice Coil

So, with this sort of things the low impedance output you should use earphone (Consumer grade) and not the headphones (Professional grade).

Well if you power a High Impedance AMP paired with a Low impedance Speaker than its bad for the AMP and have to work more and will generate more heat.

Or if you have Low impedance AMP paired with high impedance speaker than you will have no power and that results in headphone sound too quiet. And you will get bad sound output.

In some situations, high impedance headphone is designed to cater to the needs of the peoples who use studio-like application or AMP like that where they actually drawing sound across different channels from one source.

Moreover, low-impedance headphones are designed and plugged indirectly from a single source so that the sound is effectively drawn from the low-level input signal.

High impedance devices are used by professional and work longer but require high signal levels to deliver the same output to the low impedance headphones.

It is evident that the use of external amplifiers is required in order to RF/EMI noise isolation but the primary reason is that the volume may be low with higher impedance headphones.

We think we have made you completely understood about the particular query “What is impedance in headphones” still if you are a little bit confused then watch this video by “Dave Taylor” where he explains Headphone Impedance.

Do You Think Headphone Impedance Is Higher And Can Be Used With a Smartphone?

what is impedance in audio

Higher Headphone impedance can work with smartphones because the phone does not really have the power to choose your headphones. As you know, a variety of amplification process comes into the picture. Amplification is the process required here for headphone carrying impedance above 35 ohms.

So, what do we need to get the higher impedance? Do we require the need for headphone amplifiers?

The fact is headphone impedance (high) is inversely proportionate with the loudness of the sound. Considering the quality of output lesser the impedance higher the volume.

There are few myths such as the higher the impedance better is the quality which is not actually. Headphones carrying 35ohms impedance used in professional works. In order to justify the statement, we would like to say that the speaker drivers have higher impedance are made out of good quality materials which offer good quality when better audio files are played.

This is the only difference we find in headphones and earphones having the same impedance levels.

Like, when you are listening to music using a smartphone better use an earphone over headphone as they have lesser impedance.

Or if you are working on a laptop or at the studio then use high impedance headphones for better audio quality delivery.

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