Why Do Musicians Wear Headphones ? Let’s Find Out !

Why Do Musicians Wear Headphones

When artists record music what are they listening to on those headphones? many times actually I also think that why do musicians wear headphones while singing or recording?

Basically, it’s a mix of all the instruments plus them and the mix is done. So, for instance, if the vocal is louder on those headphones. Gone are those day when artists or musicians used to hear from speakers replaced by headphones or ear-buds and the mix of their choice.

So, if the artist wants to hear himself then the sound engineer behind can punch up the vocals. Experts say this method is best when they record the artist’s voice.

Well, if you are still confused about why do singers wear earpieces? or Why Do Musicians Wear Headphones? Probably there’s a reason behind it such as:-

  • Due to the revolution of modern-day recording techniques
  • They can hear themselves despite playing loud music
  • They look pretty awesome

Modern-day music requires complete isolation from the instruments perhaps which is recorded previously and engineered in layers.

The benefits of the musicians wearing headphones are the known to everyone defiantly it is because to put a click track or a beat through the headphone also it is possible to see the recording afterward that is recorded as well.

So, to understand it better let’s deep down into “Types of Headphones

Here we go !

What is an Open Back & Closed Back Headphone?

What is an Open Back & Closed Back Headphone

The term “Headphone Mix” is generally used while recording in studios. There are two main types of the studio reference headphone and these are “Closed-back” headphones and “Open-back” headphones.

Coming to the closed back headphones they isolated sound naturally because of the closed-back nature. They have active noise cancellation functionality in them.

closed-back headphones

Whereas the Open-back headphones or Semi-open back the cups generally have holes in them which allows sound from the outside world to enter the headphone and noise from within to leave into the room.

Why Do Musicians Wear Headphones ? Let's Find Out ! 1

As from the sound differences, closed-back headphones are usually described as more punchy or tight sounding usually has more bass response. And the music feels a lot closer like inside your head but the depth is not the same the sound felt more around your head.

But when you are looking at open-back headphones the bass is less intense and punchy and that feels much enjoyable and the music sort of happens all around your head.

So, imagine closed-back headphones is like the band on the music whereas the open back headphones almost if there is band or stage performing you and feel more open in general.

Here is the video that Explain Types Of Headphones For Music – ( Open, Semi-Open, Closed Back, etc )

Why Do Musicians Wear Headphones While Recording?

Why Do Musicians Wear Headphones While Recording

You must have noticed at times when you hear a recording of you and get captivated by it. The same happens with the musicians when they are recording which is there to help them understand how they sound or they can adjust themselves.

For instance, while listening to some track through the headphones they might get easily misguided to the loud volume of the music playing in the background.

This is particularly when musicians, artists sing with drums rolling so loud that the artist can’t hear anything themselves which makes it pretty difficult for them to tune in.

So, what’s the most important aspect we see when a singer starts recording.

Timing is generally one of the important aspects while live recording. In these cases, everyone will have their headphone feeding them the right click.

This helps musicians to get knowledge of the beat a metronome which helps everyone keep in time.

How Do a Musician’s Record Using a Headphone to Avoid “Bleed”?

In today’s world, modern recordings are done through multi-track recorders that people usually use to record each instrument on a separate track so that they can edit, mix and apply a lot of compressions and effect on it.

Here’s how it works !

Musicians generally use headphones in order to record their vocal parts which are done through isolation booth in a small sound-proof enclosure in the studio.

It helps musicians, artists with hearing different blends of instruments and avoid other indistinct music. This means they can hear themselves through the headphones while recording over a microphone.

This allows them to manipulate the voice accordingly though it’s important for every musician to record the best quality through the right procedure.

Unlike playing music through the speakers would only mean that it will pick up the background music (known as Bleed) when they want to record isolated vocals.

Therefore it becomes crucial for every musician to wear headphones that allows the signer to hear the background music without the microphone picking it up.

Singers, musicians, artists usually wear headphone in the studio or when recording tracks just to prevent the backing tracking that they are singing into the microphone which becomes necessary as their voices are isolated from all the other instruments in the multi-track recording.

Here is the video that explains “Headphone Bleed”

So, time for final round-up musicians finds wearing headphones effective because there is a “Click” or metronome playing at a steady tempo in the headphones. Though the closed-back headphones are good for skilled musicians to avoid slowing down or speeding up during a track.

So, I hope now you understood “Why Do Musicians Wear Headphones ?

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